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Picture of the author

Our Weekly Newsletter is now available for all Fey customers.

Starting this week, our newsletter will be delivered to every Fey customer's inbox every Monday morning. It's designed to provide a straightforward, efficient overview of your financial interests.

What's inside?

  • AI-driven analysis of your watchlist: leveraging advanced AI, we delve deep into your watchlist, offering insights and trends to kickstart your week.
  • Summary of market news: stay ahead of the curve with a concise summary of the latest market news, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  • Personalized news based on your watchlist: your investments are unique, and so should be your news. Get tailored updates directly related to the stocks you're watching.
  • Weekly watchlist performance review: track how your watchlist performed over the past week with our insightful analysis, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Upcoming earnings alerts: be the first to know about upcoming earnings reports for the companies on your watchlist.

At the heart of our newsletter is a combination of GPT-driven content, news APIs for the latest updates, and pricing APIs for accurate market data. This blend of technology ensures that the information you receive is not only timely but also highly relevant and personalized.