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Picture of the author

We've given our Watchlist a major overhaul, drastically improving customer experience and delivering more flexibility.

What's new

  • Craft custom lists: Now, you have the power to create personalized lists tailored to your preferences and investment strategies.
  • Manual symbol sorting: Take control of your watchlist by manually sorting symbols as you see fit, providing you with a more intuitive organization.
  • Select multiple items: We've made it easier for you to manage your selections. You can now select multiple items simultaneously.
  • Performance-based sorting: Enhance your decision-making with the ability to sort items by their performance metrics, giving you quick insights into your investments.
  • Undock as a standalone widget: One feature that truly sets this update apart is the ability to undock the watchlist and use it as a standalone widget. Customize your workspace to suit your needs.

But it's not just about features; we've also fine-tuned the user experience. It's now keyboard-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly navigate between windows with a simple press of the W key. Plus, you can access stock information, news, and financials directly from the widget.