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Introducing Fey version 1.5.

The latest update of Fey, version 1.5, now available to all our customers. This version brings a suite of enhancements across the platform.

News revamp

The news experience within Fey has been completely transformed. Utilizing AI, we're able to deliver article summaries instantaneously, ensuring our customers receive the latest information as it unfolds. Our global news page now presents top-tier articles and a summary of today's headlines. We’ve also improved the browsing experience by adding ticker logos to each headline. These headlines are consolidated from multiple sources, reducing redundancy and enabling you to access a unified summary with a single click while retaining the option to explore original articles.

Feed enhancement

The “For You” page has undergone significant improvements for reliability and clarity. Updates are now delivered more often and more consistently, and we’ve balanced the word count to ensure each piece is as informative as it is easy to digest.

Earnings calendar expansion

Our earnings calendar has been expanded to provide a comprehensive view of past and upcoming earnings reports. Presented in a clear monthly grid, this allows our customers to easily navigate and strategize around earnings releases.

Sector performance refinement

We’ve refined the sector performance card for better readability, making it straightforward for users to quickly understand market trends at a glance.

Visual enhancements with company logos

We have added hundreds of high-quality company logos to further refine your browsing experience on Fey. Alongside this visual upgrade, we've also redesigned our fallback image for tickers that do not have logos, ensuring a sleek and consistent appearance throughout the platform. Free access to our logos available here.

Backend overhaul

We have re-engineered our backend architecture to be more robust, efficient, and significantly faster. This overhaul provides our team with greater product control without the complexity of managing Kubernetes, workloads, and other cloud-native technologies.

This update reflects our commitment to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our users. Explore Fey 1.5 and experience the enhancements firsthand.