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Fey now lets you to share charts of your preferred timeframe with just one click.

As market enthusiasts, we understand the routine: find a ticker, take a screenshot of its chart, and share it—a process that is both time-consuming and lacks finesse. We're thrilled to roll out Fey's latest feature to address this.

Instant Chart Generation: With a single click, Fey now generates and copies a beautiful chart of your chosen timeframe to your clipboard, all in under 100ms.

How It Works

  • On any company page, simply press the 'Share chart' button. Fey will instantly generate a chart and copy it to your clipboard.
  • If you want to share a link or download the image, those options are readily available.
  • For power users: highlight a company from any page and press ⌘ + shift + C. Fey will capture the daily chart for you in less than a second.

    This update is more than just an enhancement of how you share market movements; it's designed to add a touch of delight to your day. Share with confidence, inform with style, and help everyone stay in tune with the market's pulse.