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Picture of the author

Fey now powered by GPT-4o.

We're excited to announce that Fey has upgraded to GPT-4o, the latest advancement in AI technology. This update brings a significant boost to how Fey delivers news and insights, directly impacting the speed and accuracy of the services you rely on.

What's new

  • Enhanced speed and efficiency: With GPT-4o, Fey processes and delivers real-time news, SEC filings, and fundamental analysis faster than ever, ensuring you receive the most timely information.
  • Improved accuracy and depth: The new model enhances the depth and accuracy of our analyses, helping you understand market movements and the "why" behind them with greater clarity.
  • Refined “For you” delivery: The personalization engine has been optimized using GPT-4o, making your feed even better and more timely.

We continue to be committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best possible experience and insights. Enjoy the enhanced capabilities of Fey powered by GPT-4o!