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Picture of the author

Introducing "For you" — your personalized news feed, updated 24/7.

In our latest update, we're excited to bring you "For You," a new feature designed to streamline your market research on Fey. This personalized feed not only brings you tailored market news and events but also integrates insights from your watchlist, comparing them with broader market trends to optimize your research.

What's inside?

  • Targeted market news: Get news and updates that are in line with your investment interests.
  • Curated events: Stay informed about events and earnings that can affect your portfolio.
  • Efficient research: Save time with a streamlined and relevant flow of information.
  • Continuous updates: Receive real-time updates 24/7 to keep you informed.
  • Watchlist tracking: "For You" tracks your watchlist, providing insights tailored to you.
  • Market comparisons: Gain perspective on how your watchlist performs against overall market trends.

Accessing your feed is a breeze. Simply click "For You" at the top right of the page headers, or just press `Y` anytime to dive in.

This update is part of our commitment to making Fey more intuitive and effective for your financial journey.