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Picture of the author

Introducing: Economic Calendar.

In our continuous effort to empower our customers with the most intuitive and predictive tools for market analysis, we are proud to unveil our latest feature: the Economic Calendar.

Fey now presents a comprehensive overview of the economic landscape. We synthesize complex data to forecast market movements, providing you with an edge in your investment strategies.

This update also introduces a yield curve graph, a crucial financial indicator. By illustrating the interest rates across different maturities, it serves as a gauge for investor sentiment and economic expectations.

Key features of the Economic Calendar include:

  • AI-Synthesized Overview: Get a distilled, AI-driven snapshot of global economic indicators.
  • Yield Curve Insight: Visualize the bond market's pulse with our integrated yield curve chart.
  • Comprehensive Timeline: Effortlessly scroll through past, present, and future economic events, complete with projections and outcomes.

Your decision-making is about to become more informed, your strategies more refined, and your market presence stronger.