Picture of the author
Picture of the author

We have revamped the Fey architecture, achieving blazing-fast performance and drastically enhancing the user experience.

What has changed?

  • Speed optimization: Fey is now significantly faster. We’ve managed to cut the load time from 2-4 seconds to virtually 0 seconds.
  • State management update: We’ve moved from global app state to page state, fetching only the data required for the current page. By transitioning from our sync engine to SWR, data requests are more targeted, robust, and efficient.
  • Auth simplification: The authentication process has been streamlined by reducing roles and tokens. By removing unnecessary network requests for authentication, we’ve made sign-in smoother.
  • Local storage caching: Key states are now stored in local storage, facilitating even faster and smoother subsequent loads.
  • Product simplification: We’ve removed app state from the backend, making the product purely client-driven. This change aligns with our philosophy of user-centered design, delivering a more responsive and intuitive experience.

More context

Our team is committed to continuous improvement, and these updates reflect our ongoing dedication to delivering a product that’s not only feature-rich but also high-performing and customer-friendly.