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Picture of the author

Introducing Analyze: You can now read SEC filings in just 2 minutes, without missing any key information.

We've all been there — sifting through lengthy and tedious SEC filings, with some (including myself) often skipping them. Recognizing this challenge, we're excited to roll out "Analyze", a feature that simplifies this process, delivering the core insights in a succinct, 2-minute read.

AI output organization

  • Consistent structure for every summary;
  • Headlines offer a quick snapshot of the main message;
  • Segments like Revenue, Strengths, Challenges, and Noteworthy Points are clearly defined for easy comprehension;
  • The Final Summary ties everything together, ensuring a comprehensive understanding in a concise format.

This feature is tailored for efficiency and ease of use. We've ensured that every piece of essential information from the 10-Q files is included, yet organized in a manner that's consistently easy to read and understand. This approach aims to encourage more people to develop the habit of reading such important files.

Looking ahead, “Analyze” will continue to expand while keeping its core simplicity in mind. We’ll soon be rolling out news digests, peer analysis, and more — always focused on providing simple, quick, and accurate insights.